Love Hurts, Love Scars, Love Wounds and Marks

How do you know if you had a great love? You know you had a great love when it hurts because its no longer there. You are walking down the street, or sit at a bar, and you see that person with someone else. Noticing that they’re smiling was twice as wide as now compared to when the two of you were together. It hits you that they have moved on with someone new. You smile and hide the truth that they look happier without you. The thoughts run through your head because now you’re thinking how could you feel so at home with someone, only to find that within a matter of moments its gone. This person didn’t just know you like the back of your hand, but knew you inside and out. They were apart of so many memories that when you try to block them out, they come back like a kaleidoscope. It feel as if you can’t trust anyone because you don’t want to get hurt. Maybe you fear being left behind again or your world crumbling as you stand alone. It isn’t just a stone to step over. If you really truly loved someone and thought that he or she would make you the happiest and best version of yourself it would be crushing to here they did not feel the same way. What is worse is not being mad at this person. Sometimes you even defend them in an argument they do not deserve to win. You get tunnel vision one only instead of looking forward you are looking at the past. But just like life carries on you will too, one day at a time.